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Leading Trend for Growth on China’s EV Market


Shanghai, China, June 14, 2018 - With China’s booming economy, rising awareness for health and environmental issues, strong government support, initiatives and investments by OEMs (original equipment manufacturer), undoubtedly mainland China has become one of the world’s biggest market for electric vehicles (EV). “Till 2020, Chinese local Manufacturers expected to account for 58% EV Market Share in China”, Dr. Henning M. Hauenstein, CEO of Datang NXP Semiconductors(below short for “DNS”) which’s the first Chinese automotive semiconductor company, said in a recent automotive conference in New York.

According to Dr. Hauenstein, from 2013 to 2017, China has experienced the huge increase in PHEV & EV car market. In 2017, pure EV car sales increased 277% compared to last year. And according to Chinese government, EV should account for 8% of the passenger vehicle market by 2018, 10% by 2019 and 12% by 2020. Beyond overall market increase, big market potential also attracted more players into the market, except traditional brand BYD, SAIC, more investment and players entered into the market, such as NIO, LeapMotor, which will bring more opportunity as well as challenges to drive the market.

“Just because we see the opportunity in Chinese EV market, we set up DNS four years ago.” Dr. Hauenstein said. As the first Chinese automotive semiconductor company, DNS was set up by two strong industry partners: DATANG TELECOM and NXP in 2014, with headquarter in China and serving for global customers. DNS focused on the research, development and sale of advanced application specific automotive ICs especially advanced proprietary Battery Management Solutions to address the key challenge for Battery in EV, including Motor Driver and BMS. During past four years, DNS cooperated with local and international customers, strengthened industry cooperation with industry partners and universities and institutions. “We wished to take Leadership position in Chinese fast-growing automotive market”, Dr. Hauenstein stressed.