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Datang NXP Semiconductors launched the first ISO 26262
Nov 19 2015

Shanghai, China, October 28, 2015 -- DKLP Semiconductor Co., LTD. (HEREINAFTER referred to as "DKLP"), China's first automotive semiconductor company, and TUV SUD Greater China Group (hereinafter referred to as "TUV SUD") have signed a cooperation agreement for ISO 26262 Functional Safety development process certification. Datang NXP Semiconductors (DNS) therefore became the first enterprise in China's automotive semiconductor industry to start the ISO26262 functional safety development process certification project. Through this cooperation, DNS will further promote its compliance with stringent international automotive electronics standards, and lay a solid foundation for becoming an international leading automotive semiconductor company.


Chang Peng-kong (left), CEO of D&P, and Dirk Hinzpeter(right), Director of Automotive Services for Greater China, TUV SUD

ISO26262, issued in 2011, is the main international standard regulating the safety of vehicles on the road. In today's automotive industry, more and more safety systems under development have followed this standard, especially in the field of safety control of new energy vehicles. Dunn NXP this hand in hand with TUV SUD, started ISO 26262 functional safety development process certification project, on the one hand to prepare for the follow-up cooperation with the international first-class car factory; On the other hand, further improve the quality control system and development process, for the follow-up implementation of comprehensive scientific management, to build an international leading automotive semiconductor company to lay a foundation.

At the signing ceremony, Chang Peng-kong, General Manager of D&P, said, "As China's first automotive semiconductor company, D&P is focused on developing and selling automotive electronic ics using high-performance mixed-signal technology. Products include self-developed door driver chip, the industry's first battery management detection chip designed based on electrochemical impedance technology. We always focus on the optimization of product development process, and focus on the reliability of electronic components, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting technology reserves and forward-looking research and development. Through this cooperation with TUV SUD, the ISO 26262 functional safety development process certification program, further standardize the existing design and development process, the formation of a systematic product verification system, improve product quality reliability, and strive to achieve zero defect products."

Dirk Hinzpeter, Director of TUV SUD Greater China Automotive Services, said: "DNS has strong technical foundation and development capabilities, and has developed a sound development management process. TUV SUD is working on several ISO 26262 projects for automotive OEM customers in China, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to start the ISO 26262 functional safety development process."

It is reported that different from general consumer semiconductors, automotive semiconductors need to be able to operate stably in a very demanding environment, which requires high product reliability and stability, especially automotive electronics manufacturers often require component manufacturers to provide quality zero defect products. This puts forward stringent performance and quality requirements for automotive semiconductor manufacturers.

As the first automotive semiconductor company in China, DNS has been committed to providing high performance and high reliability automotive electronic chips for the automotive market. The company has passed THE ISO9000 system certification, and according to THE ISO/TS16949 standard established the company's complete quality management system, product development process, document control system, greatly improve the company's operation and management efficiency. Through the implementation of standards and certification, enterprises to affect the products and services of various factors and all aspects of continuous effective control, and constantly improve the quality of products and services. At present, ISO/TS16949 certification is also in progress.


About ISO 26262 standard

ISO 26262 is mainly positioned in the automotive industry specific electrical devices, electronic equipment, programmable electronic devices and other specialized parts used in the automotive field, is effectively improve the automotive electronic, electrical products functional safety international standard. With the official release of THE ISO 26262 standard in 2011, the industry's attention to the functional safety of road vehicles is gradually heating up, especially for new energy vehicles, autonomous driving, ADAS(advanced driver assistance system) and other advanced control systems, the core electronic controller of ASIL(automotive safety integrity level) grade are high.

About Granddown NXP Semiconductor Co., LTD

DNS is jointly funded by Datang Telecom and NXP Corporation, headquartered in Nantong, adjacent to Shanghai. It is a fabless IC design company with a branch in Shanghai, focusing on R&D, marketing and sales. The company mainly serves the local market in China. We focus on the development and sales of advanced special purpose vehicle electronic ics using high performance mixed signal technology, as well as the global market. With a large number of high-end semiconductor product design talent, the company's business is focused on semiconductor solutions to support China's growing demand for new energy vehicle technologies for electric and hybrid vehicles. For more information, please visit our official website: www.datangnxp.com.

About TUV Sud

TUV Sud, headquartered in Munich, Germany, was founded in mannheim, Germany in 1866 and enjoys a worldwide reputation for world-class services and leading German technology. Service scope covers certification, testing, inspection, information and expert guidance and other fields. The company currently has more than 800 locations worldwide and a worldwide network of laboratories with approximately 20,000 employees. Focus on providing customers with technology, system and actual production process optimization services. TUV Sud has several technical experts in the field of road vehicles under the ISO 26262 International Standards Committee. With the support of strong German technical experts and experienced local technical experts, TUV SUD can provide domestic Oems and suppliers with full range of ISO 26262 related functional safety services, including training, testing, verification, consulting, functional safety process certification, product and system level certification, etc. At present, TUV SUD has dozens of ISO 26262 projects directly serving OEM customers in China.

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