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Single cell supervisor (Linx) DNB1168


The DNB1168 is a single cell supervisor (Linx) IC that provides electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) for each individual cell or a group of cells in parallel. The integrated die temperature sensors can be used for cell temperature measurement. Additional thermo-couples/NTCs are no longer required. The DNB1168 measures the cell impedance based on a patented circuit technology, enabling a new approach of indicating the internal cell temperature. It also enables on-line state-of-health estimation, in combination with algorithms running on the pack controller. The IC integrates separate (redundant) ADCs for both voltage and temperature measurement. With a differential daisy chain, the cell measurement information is transmitted to the pack controller. The first IC in the chain translates a standard SPI signal to the daisy chain differential signal. 

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Key Features

  • Automotive qualified per AEC-Q100

  • Voltage measurement accuracy: ±2 mV

  • Battery cell voltage range: 1.9 - 5.5 V

  • Die temperature sensor accuracy: ±2.5 K

  • Passive balancing with diagnostics

  • Low-ohmic cells EIS (impedance spectroscopy)

  • Daisy chain communication speed: 1 Mbps

  • Temperature range: -40⁰C to 125⁰C


  • High voltage battery pack of electric and hybrid electric vehicles

  • 48V battery pack of mild hybrid electric vehicles

  • Energy storage systems

  • Electric bicycles and motorcycles

Voltage measurement accuracy +/- 2mVCell measurement voltage range 1.9V to 5.5V
The precision of temperature sensor inside the chip is +/- 2.5KDaisy chain communication rate 1Mbps
Operating temperature range -40 degrees to 125 degreesImpedance monitoring frequency range 7.5mHz to 7.8kHz
The maximum balance current is 200mA


Single-Cell-Monitoring IC – EIS function(1)

EIS (AC impedance spectroscopy) is the core function of battery management (BMS) chip of Datang NXP semiconductor company, which is different from traditional chip. EIS is closely related to various states of the cell, including cell temperature, cell power, cell aging degree and cell anomaly prediction. As a new function of BMS, EIS is widely used. At the same time, it also makes some high-end applications in this field possible. The industry began to pay extensive attention to this chip and EIS. In this issue, we will explain in detail the application of EIS in BMS system.

Live: DNB1168 -- Single cell battery management System chip solution

Function overview of single cell monitoring chip DNB1168

Live: New energy lithium cell battery management scheme with impedance detection function

This seminar will introduce Datang NXP Semiconductors's single cell based battery management solution:
- This solution can bring customers more accurate temperature and voltage sampling;
- Additional impedance detection function provided to customers to escort the safety of new energy vehicle power battery;
- The battery management chip DNB1168 in this solution, its core components are 100% domestic, the chip is integrated with the ac impedance monitoring of the cell, the chip is integrated with the temperature sensor, and the circuit of the highest safety level ASIL-D.

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