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Datang NXP Semiconductors blue Ocean Automobile China \"core\" shines
Nov 14 2016

Xinhua Net Shanghai on November 10 From November 8 to 10, the 14th CHINA International Semiconductor Expo and Summit Forum (IC CHINA 2016) was held in Shanghai. Datang NXP Semiconductors (DNS) presented three automotive electronic chip products -- lamp regulator chip, door drive chip and new energy vehicle battery management chip, fully demonstrating its leading technology innovation application.

China's automotive chip market has been dependent on imports because of a lack of core technology. Since the establishment of Datang Telecom in 2014, DNS has been based on independent research and development, closely following customer needs, accelerating the launch of new products to meet market demand, and helping the leapfrog development of China's auto industry.


Miao Wei, Minister of The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, visited the booth of DNS

According to the introduction, the company has three product lines, among which the market share of the lamp regulator chip ranks first in the world. The chip has the advantages of low positioning error, low input current and thermal overload protection.

DNS also demonstrated its first door drive chip with independent intellectual property rights that meets the standards and certifications of the automotive industry in China, which is also the first "China Core" in China's automotive front assembly field. In terms of product characteristics, the product adopts advanced automotive chip technology, with high reliability, in line with the automotive industry AEC-Q100 standard requirements; Product design, highly integrated safety diagnosis module, through the built-in bootstrap diode, can effectively help customers reduce costs; In the application field, the chip can be combined with other chips for the equipment of automobile fan motor, water pump, wiper, power conversion, body electronic motor control, etc.


Grand Dunn NXP booth

In addition, DNS is also actively promoting the industrialization of its core product -- battery management monitoring chip, which is the first lithium-ion battery single core monitoring chip designed based on electrochemical impedance spectrum monitoring technology in the industry. Its unique technical advantages have gained wide attention in the industry.

New energy vehicles are a major development trend of the global auto industry. From the perspective of the policies and core technology support of China's auto industry, the development of new energy vehicles is also a very important part. As foreign companies have formed a position in the field of traditional cars, China can establish its own core advantages in developing new energy vehicles. To serve the Chinese automobile market well and lay out the automotive electronics field is an important development direction of DNS. At the same time, THE company also launched the industry's first ISO 26262 functional Safety development process certification program, which has laid a solid foundation for becoming the world's leading automotive semiconductor manufacturer.