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Datang NXP Semiconductors to build the best automotive Chip
Jun 09 2017

Recently, the "2017 Automotive Electronics Technology Innovation Forum (AETF2017)" co-sponsored by China Semiconductor Industry Association Integrated Circuit Design Branch and Shanghai Automotive Engineering Society was held in Shanghai. This forum will focus on key technologies and industrialization of automotive integrated circuits, opportunities and challenges of intelligence and localization. As the first automotive semiconductor company in China, DATang Telecom's Datang NXP Semiconductors (DNS) was invited to share its challenges and thoughts on China's automotive semiconductor industry.

The transformation of the automobile industry is also driving the transformation of the relevant parties of the automobile industry chain. Among them, semiconductors used in automobiles are most affected.

The Gartner report notes that the value of chips per vehicle has soared from $250 in 2000 to $350 in 2016. According to IC Insights, the global automotive chip market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 11% in the past three years, and the market size is expected to reach $28.8 billion in 2017. In the field of new energy vehicles, automotive electronics account for more than 60% of the cost.

Automotive semiconductor industry has been dominated by foreign industry giants for a long time and China's automotive semiconductor industry has been dependent on imports for a long time.

In recent years, the Chinese government has strongly encouraged indigenous chip research and development. Such as "Made in China 2025" favorable policy, the establishment of the integrated circuit industry fund, "China Chip" and other concepts, these have released a strong signal to the industry, that is, to accelerate the research and development of independent automobile China Chip, to achieve the "curve overtaking" of automobile China Chip.

In 2014, Datang Telecom joined hands with NXP of the Netherlands to establish China's first automotive semiconductor company, aiming to become the world's leading automotive power management and drive semiconductor company (Fabless), the initial business positioning in new energy vehicles and traditional automotive power management and drive and new energy related integrated circuit design field.

Since its establishment three years ago, DNS has been holding high the banner of "based on independent research and development", closely following the market and customer demand, especially for the trend of automotive safety, environmental protection, intelligent interconnection, layout of leading technology and market demand of new products. For example, the body motor drive chip applied to the automotive front assembly market, and the battery management monitoring chip for the battery management system of new energy vehicles.

In order to meet the automotive industry of electronic products high-performance testing requirements, DNS in the continuous through ISO9000, TS16949 and other quality certification, at the end of October 2015 started the Chinese automotive semiconductor industry the first ISO26262 functional safety development process certification project, To become the international leading automotive semiconductor enterprises to lay a solid foundation.