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How far can new energy vehicles go? Depends on whether there is a strong \"core\"!
大唐恩智浦, Dec 16 2021

In recent days, the market price of lithium iron phosphate has continued to rise. The driving force behind the price take-off is the imbalance between supply and demand in the new energy vehicle and energy storage market. The invisible hand of supply and demand has once again stirred the market price trend, and the price behavior can often reflect the most real market trend, the strong outbreak of energy storage concept and the new energy vehicle industry in full swing, Together, it has boosted the demand for lithium iron phosphate batteries and pushed the power battery industry to the wind again.


Compared with the handsome appearance and cool lights of new energy vehicles, the power battery can be described as "Golden Jade inside". It does not show the mountains and dew, but has a profound impact on the development track of new energy vehicles, which is quite a realm of deep merit and fame. The importance of power battery to electric vehicle is self-evident just as the heart is to human beings, and the battery management chip is the center and link of its power supply. It integrates the functions of power control, distribution and detection, and is an indispensable core device of power battery. With thousands of practical experience and continuous analysis and correction, domestic automotive semiconductor company Datang NXP has successfully launched the subversive single cell battery management system chip scheme dnb1168, which provides a solid umbrella for vehicle power battery.


Safety is the eternal heart of the car, while thermal runaway is the lifelong enemy of the power battery. Overcharge, overheating, short circuit, collision and other factors may lead to thermal runaway of power battery and become a hidden danger of ignition. Dnb1168 integrates impedance monitoring function, "High delay" compared to traditional NTC (thermocouple) The temperature monitoring mode is obtained. The dnb1168 scheme uses the AC impedance monitoring function to realize the rapid detection of thermal runaway, which can be called a second response. While greatly improving the safety threshold of the power battery, it ensures that it is in the best working range, improves the use efficiency, and opens the road to the health and longevity of the power battery. Better control of temperature means that it can support greater charging current, realize fast charging demand, and provide a good prescription for modern people's "power anxiety".

The market price of lithium iron phosphate, a raw material for battery manufacturing, continued to soar, which seriously impacted the profit margin of the enterprise. As we all know, effective cost control is the premise for enterprises to achieve high-quality development, and saving materials and optimizing battery technology are effective means to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The dnb1168 scheme is a new way, which adopts the design of no sampling line, connector and slave control board to meet the demand of light weight and compactness. The battery module integrated with dnb1168 engineering sample has simple peripheral circuit and chip coupling, has better space utilization, and solves the problem of "dilemma between high performance and small volume".


It is unbearable for modern people to lie down when the car is powered off. The endurance problem has always been the core appeal of new energy vehicle users. It is the so-called BMW Liangju should have the ability of thousands of miles! The dnb1168 scheme can reasonably simplify the battery layout and help the power battery to slim down successfully. Its equivalent energy density will also be improved, and the vehicle endurance will naturally rise.

At present, the competition in the field of new energy is becoming increasingly fierce, and the prices of a variety of raw materials fly together. It is unrealistic for enterprises to expect the prices of raw materials to rise and fall, and it is not wise to transfer the cost burden to consumers. Only by forging ahead and making breakthroughs in key technologies can we stand out among thousands of competitors.


The development of human science and technology has never stagnated, and the new energy science and technology tree has gradually lit up. The battery management system chip is a very shining point. As the Pearl on the crown of power battery manufacturing technology, it is bound to illuminate the development road of new energy vehicles. Datang NXP has been deeply engaged in the field of automotive semiconductors for many years and has a deep shareholder background and a solid platform. We will closely follow the national strategy and make a modest contribution to the localization of core devices now and in the future.