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ICDIA 2022 | Datang NXP attended the 9th Automotive Electronics Innovation Summit Forum and won the 2022 Automotive Electronics Innovation Award
大唐恩智浦, Aug 31 2022

From August 25 to 26, the Second China Integrated Circuit Design Innovation Conference and IC Application Expo was held in Wuxi. Datang NXP was invited to participate in the conference and attend the 9th Automotive Electronics Innovation Summit Forum.

The theme of this conference is "cohesion innovation, integration application, and building new advantages for development", which is co sponsored by China Integrated Circuit Design Innovation Alliance, Wuxi Economic Development Zone Management Committee, etc. The conference is characterized by "high-end, marketization, localization and specialization". Focusing on mobile communications, new energy vehicles, traditional IT equipment, AIoT and other application scenarios, it invited industry leaders and enterprise leaders to discuss innovation opportunities and challenges in the integrated circuit design industry.

The 9th Automotive Electronics Innovation Forum


On the afternoon of August 26, at the Forum on Automotive Chips and Industrial Ecology, Pan, the manager of the company's product management and application department, introduced the application of the unique architecture and functions of DNB1168 under Datang NXP to automotive BMS with the theme of "DNS chip based electric vehicle BMS solution".


DNB1168 impedance function for automobile BMS application

With the frequent fires and explosions in energy storage stations and cars, the safety of the new energy industry has to trigger our thinking. As the most important indicator for monitoring the chemical substances inside the battery, DNS integrates the electrochemical workstation with an average price of 200000 yuan into a small chip, and can realize the online detection of EIS in the whole life cycle of the product, adding an important detection dimension to the current BMS.

DNB1168 single cell architecture for automobile BMS application

At present, the pack structure is simplified. For example, CTC and CTP schemes are required by more and more automotive enterprises. The DNS single cell scheme can be perfectly adapted to save the size to the extreme (the smallest acquisition board size). DNS single cell scheme - the perfect combination of EIS, CTC and CTP schemes can also increase functions and security while streamlining the structure and freeing up space (increasing the energy density of the battery pack).

Application of DNS products to automobile BMS wireless solutions

DNS is planning wireless SOC. Customers who need wireless solutions can also use DNB1168+wireless transceiver chip to achieve single cell wireless function.

Win another honor to highlight the hard power of science and technology


In the 2022 Automotive Electronics Innovation Award selection activity, Datang NXP was widely recognized by the industry again and won the 2022 Automotive Electronics Innovation Award. In the future, we will also continue to adhere to the original intention, respond to market changes quickly, be close to local customers, inject fresh power into the industry with hard core technology with continuous innovative performance, and help China's semiconductor industry move towards a new future.